Branding Resources

Below are the building blocks for our brand. While this page is here to get you started, all uses must be approved by Bridal Loop, Inc.

Download full color light logo

Download full color dark logo

Download monochrome logo

Using the Bridal Loop Logo

Safe Space

The Bridal Loop logo always needs safe space that is free of imagery and text surrounding it. Use half the “b’s” height to determine the amount of safe space that should surround the logo.


If copy appears below the logo, you should measure safe space from the bottom of the logo to the x-height of the text.

Minimum Size

The word “Bridal Loop” should always be easy to read. So in digital content, the logo should never appear smaller than 30 dp in height.

The minimum size for applying the logo in print is 0.5 inches in height.

What not to do with the logo

The Bridal Loop logo is a symbol people recognize, so it should never be altered.

Here are a few examples of what not to do with the Bridal Loop logo.

  • Don't
  • Change spacing between the word "Bridal Loop" and the heart icon.
  • Use any colors other than black, white and teal.
  • Choose a different typeface for "Bridal Loop"
  • Add visual effects like a drop shadow
  • Change of replace the words "Bridal Loop" in any way
  • Change the shape of the logo
  • Use the logo in a phrase or sentence

Using the logo on solid backgrounds

These examples show the correct application of the Bridal Loop logo on different solid backgrounds. The black full-color logo should be used on background that’s lighter than 40% grey. The white full-color logo should be used on a background darker than 50% grey.

Full-color logo

There are two versions of the full color logo, black and white.

Use the black full-color logo on a light background. Use the white full-color logo on a dark background.

The Bridal Loop Icon

Download full color light logo

Download full color dark logo

Download monochrome logo

The Bridal Loop Colors

Bridal Loop Teal

RGB: 54, 180, 187
CMYK: 71, 4, 0, 27


RGB: 255, 255, 255
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0


RGB: 0, 0, 0
CMYK: 50, 40, 40, 100

Any usage of Bridal Loop brand elements requires special approval and must be submitted in English through the Brand Use Request Form for review. Please allow up to a week for a reply. Bridal Loop reserves the right to object to any inappropriate uses of its trademarks and to enforce its rights at any time.

Information provided here helps Bridal Loop understand the purpose of your nature in using the Bridal Loop Branding. All information is store on The webmaster is the only person that has access to this information.